Dear Mister Black (David) / Kitimat Clean Ltd

Communication History : (1) Aug 2012 (2) Jun 2013

The following LINK is the REBOUND TEG / TTL (Transcendent Technologies Ltd) presentation that has been provided to me for specific relay to your review and comments : REBOUND TEG : TTL

Our associate - Mister Ledoux - would be pleased to meet with you to explain this presentation in full; and, how it would relate to the Kitimat Clean Refinery operations.

It is via Mister Ledoux that we are provided with the verification that the circa $6-B shortfall in your evident capitalization requirements will be introduced as an acceptable template for your consideration and response.

Thank you for taking the time to review this PREZI document : TTL
From Ralph:   "TTL REBOUND TEG" :  Click here to view (Not For General Distribution : For discussion Purposes Only : Not A Solicitation)
Opening Instructions:
This is a SEMINAR format - which Mister Ledoux will overview for you in a confidential / non-committal meeting:
  1. Download : takes a few minutes due to volume
  2. Open each panel in sequence from side bar : VIDEOS : see Panel 20 illustration : demonstration of surface tension remediation in processing reolutions
Regards, Ralph Goodwin (email)(Tel : 778-433-3908)